Spring Sneffels Fury

Fay and I were wandering a few days ago and ended up in Ridgway area. Lots and lots of fresh snow even as spring was attempting to erupt. Very dramatic. Black and white seemed the way to go here. Should be a nice wildflower year with all this moisture.Sneffels_bw-1

Palisade Pinks

Some photos from this morning’s Palisade wander. Hope you are not getting tired of these and if you are, tough shit!

Things are progressing nicely. Still have several days of blooming to go. They pop out at different times, depending on variety. We are looking at possible rain and snow in two days so that could be interesting.

Weeping is Good!

Such a beautiful day. I went outside, grabbed a chair and macro lens and sat under (in) our weeping cherry tree. A few bees were gently buzzing around. Hardly any breeze. Sublime. Last year we were out of town when this tree bloomed so I am savoring the sweet moments doubly this year!

Apricot Magic

Things are heating up in the Grand Valley! This is the time of year when trips to Palisade are made almost daily to watch the blossoms unfurl. Today was just the start with some apricot trees announcing their awakening from winter’s sleep.

Art Deco Delite!

Last week we were in Nebraska. One day I drove up to Omaha and visited the Durham Museum. It was very interesting but for me, the real jewel was the building itself as the museum in in the old Omaha Union Station. The station is “one of the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in the Midwest.”

The current building, finished in 1931, features a steel frame structure that is clad with cream-colored glazed terra cotta. The 124,000-square-foot building cost $3.5 million to build.

Union Station became renowned for its technological innovations, including electric luggage conveyor belts, escalators and extensive lighting throughout the building. Simultaneously, patrons and critics alike appreciated the traditional and lavish attributes of the building, including massive women’s restrooms, beautiful marble columns and flooring throughout, and deep oak woodwork surrounding every window and door in the station. During its first year, 1.5 million passengers passed through.

By 1946, 64 steam locomotives were in operation bringing 10,000 passengers daily in and out of the Union Station. However, within a decade everything changed. Passenger service ceased in 1971, and the Union Station was donated to the City of Omaha by the Union Pacific Railroad in 1973.

The photos below are from the Main Waiting Room which measures 160 feet by 72 feet and is spanned by a 60 foot high ceiling. This Great Hall features a ceiling of sculptured plaster, with painted gold and silver leaf trim, ten cathedral-like plate glass windows, a patterned terrazzo floor, columnettes of blue Belgian marble, and a wainscoting of black Belgian marble. Six immense chandeliers, 13 feet tall, five feet in diameter, and suspended 20 feet from the ceiling, light the Great Hall.

Do visit it if you are in the area.

Long and Winding Road…

In 2018 I upset the applecart! After using Canon for 20 years, I switched to Sony. ThereSony Camera were lots of reasons and my followers will probably want to know what possessed me!

I actually sat down and sort of organized my thoughts and wrote a paper, which you can view here:  The Long and Winding Road.

Let me know what you think.

Truck Show Gallery

Had a great time at the Antique Truck show at Cross Orchards Living History farm inDodge and Flag Grand Junction.  It was as much fun hearing the stories of the owners as they recounted the history of their special truck.

All that vintage steel and great rust kept my camera (and me) happy!

Car shows are fun too but a truck show reminds you of the hard working men and women of our history.


Studebaker FB cover

Spark Plug

Mixer chain













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