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Had a great time at the Antique Truck show at Cross Orchards Living History farm inDodge and Flag Grand Junction.  It was as much fun hearing the stories of the owners as they recounted the history of their special truck.

All that vintage steel and great rust kept my camera (and me) happy!

Car shows are fun too but a truck show reminds you of the hard working men and women of our history.


Studebaker FB cover

Spark Plug

Mixer chain














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Gateway Auto Museum

Dreams of Bygone EraHad not been to the Gateway Auto Museum in several years. Spent 3 hours with camera and tripod and my brain was fried! But in a good way. If you have never been, you should check it out. More info HERE.  I mostly did closeups focusing on shapes and colors. Also some “zooming” effects, as shown in this image. See more at my Etsy Shop.

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I have a few newsy items piling up so thought I would let you know.Lavender Impression 01

Main Street Gallery has an amazing exhibit coming up this Friday. Chris Eaton, who lived in Page, AZ, does some incredible night time work. Come down to 412 Main Friday and meet him and see his work. Also, here is a video interview to watch. Also, you can pick his brain about the upcoming Perseids (see below). See his website HERE

Just Announced: My fall Photo Seminar, Saturday, Oct. 15 in Delta. Lots of good info . New programs on Lightroom , Back Button Focus and Creativity. Also a brand new program on Organization and Backups. Register sooner than later as the Black Canyon Camera Club usually takes most of the limited seating. Go to my website HERE for details.

Perseid Meteor Shower. This is shaping up to be an especially good year for the Perseids. Because of certain alignment with Jupiter and other factors, some are predicting up to 150 meteors per hours, maybe even more. More info HERE. Although the Perseids rain down for weeks, the peak the night of Aug 11/morning of Aug 12. The moon sets around midnight. So head away from Grand Junction and catch a falling star! Here is a good link on how to photograph Perseids

Just in from Victoria, the Lightroom Queen: “There were a couple of bugs discovered in the June Lightroom update. The new Develop preview pre-caching was a little overzealous and was causing performance problems, there was a print profile issue on Mac, and also a problem with DNG files from Fuji X-E2. As a result, last week Adobe released a double dot update – CC 2015.6.1 and 6.6.1. I’ve held off writing to tell you about it until now, to double check that it’s safe to upgrade. It’s good news – the bug report forum has been very quiet, and comments on the blog include “the system is now much faster in the Develop module!”

The long awaited Canon 5d Mark IV will be announced on August 27. Rumor has it at 28mp. But it will be expensive! Prices are really down on the Mark III and it is still a heck of a camera.

Fall Color. I plan to do some Fall Color day trips to Ouray and Kebler. More info as we get closer.

Just over a year now to the Great American Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017. The last time we had a total solar eclipse visible in American was Feb 26, 1979, and I was there! On the frozen tundra of North Dakota. This will be my fourth eclipse. Ouray last one was March of 2006 in Libya. We were set up just a mile from Muammar Qaddafi. Anyway, you do NOT want to miss the eclipse next year. Lots of info HERE.  I will probably put together a program later on how to best view and photograph such an event.


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Mention the town of Moab, Utah and you probably think jeeps, mountain bikes or uranium! But there is a guy, Bruce Hucko, who has steadily built what can only be described as an amazing annual photography celebration. Held every spring, the Symposium is a rather eclectic gathering of 10 to 12 speakers plus 100 participants. The topics are varied, the energy palpable and the inspiration intense. Those who have come in previous years know what I am feebly trying to say while others assume I am given to hyperbole!

This year, the Symposium is May 12-15. Consider the keynote speaker: John Sexton. Does that get the silver coursing through your veins?

Three years ago, a Symposium participant, Tom Kelly, wrote of his experience HERE. He has eloquently captured the feeling of this event.

I invite you to visit the Symposium Website and see what is on tap this May.

As I write this, less than 20 spaces remain. Don’t you owe you and your photography one of those spaces?

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As you know, the traditional camera store is fast disappearing from the landscape. Once a staple of even small towns, they have been supplanted by big box stores and the internet. Ironically, the advent of digital photography may have been their Waterloo. A camera store counted on a customer coming in to buy film and then returning later to drop it off for developing, returning a 3rd time to pick up the prints or slides. But digital has forever changed those dynamics.

I have always advocated buying local when possible. My wife and I ran a small business in Grand Junction for nearly 10 years and we both understand the need for people to support their local merchants. When it comes to photo equipment, our local choices have become more limited. While popular cameras and some lenses can be found, if you are looking for a certain tripod, bag, filter or other accessory, you will soon find the local sources to be limited in what they carry.

So “mail-order” (which now means the Internet) is more and more important. While we all know about Amazon and the New York stores, I have found a way to regain some of the personal service of yore, while still getting great prices and selection.

There is a camera store chain in New England called Hunt’s Photo & Video, that still offers those values. With their flagship store in Melrose, MA, Hunt’s offers just about anything you are looking for. Their prices are very competitive and their website is well designed.

Now here is a secret for you…. Their marketing manager is named Gary Farber. He is a real person. You can e- mail him at digitalguygary@wbhunt.com and he will answer. Often within minutes. Sometimes at midnight! You can call him direct at: 781-462-2332. For whatever you are looking for, even a certain hard-to-find item, give him a call. I have had several friends call him when other stores were out of stock, but Gary has somehow found the printer or lens or whatever it was. I recently was in the market for a Canon 500mm lens so I contacted Gary. They had the lens in stock but he told me about a guy that had a used one for sale. I ended up saving nearly $2,000. Gary made no profit off that suggestion. But that is the way he does business.

Although this missive sounds like an unabashed advertisement, please realize that I do not get any sort of kickback at all. I just want folks to know about Hunt’s. They have taken care of my friends and myself and I am pretty sure they will take care of you too!

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Wow! I was just playing around tonight with ProShow software from Photodex. This is the amazing tool that lets you make media rich presentations. Their latest version, 4.5, continues with lots of new features. Rather than repeat everything, just visit their website.

The reason I said “wow” earlier is I just uploaded my first YouTube video! I did it right from inside ProShow. So now I have another way to share photography with other folks. The cool thing about sharing via YouTube is that folks anywhere, can watch the video, with either Mac or PC.  Here is my first show:

It was taken in September along Kebler Pass in Colorado. It is some experimental work that I thought turned out well. Let me know what you think.

As a side note, I teach classes in ProShow Gold. Our next class is Saturday, Feb. 12. Full Details at my Classes Page.

Ain’t technology grand!

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Shadow Riders

Happy News! My photo, Shadow Riders, was awarded 3rd place in the Art of the Century Exhibit for the Colorado National Monument.

It was taken during the Ride the Rockies event a few years back. I won an overnight stay at Two Rivers Winery and Chateau!

A high overlook allowed me to isolate riders while the early morning sun created strong shadows.

You can view the Exhibit winners HERE. You can also view the full exhibit and even vote for your favorite.

Thanks for looking!

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