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I have a few newsy items piling up so thought I would let you know.Lavender Impression 01

Main Street Gallery has an amazing exhibit coming up this Friday. Chris Eaton, who lived in Page, AZ, does some incredible night time work. Come down to 412 Main Friday and meet him and see his work. Also, here is a video interview to watch. Also, you can pick his brain about the upcoming Perseids (see below). See his website HERE

Just Announced: My fall Photo Seminar, Saturday, Oct. 15 in Delta. Lots of good info . New programs on Lightroom , Back Button Focus and Creativity. Also a brand new program on Organization and Backups. Register sooner than later as the Black Canyon Camera Club usually takes most of the limited seating. Go to my website HERE for details.

Perseid Meteor Shower. This is shaping up to be an especially good year for the Perseids. Because of certain alignment with Jupiter and other factors, some are predicting up to 150 meteors per hours, maybe even more. More info HERE. Although the Perseids rain down for weeks, the peak the night of Aug 11/morning of Aug 12. The moon sets around midnight. So head away from Grand Junction and catch a falling star! Here is a good link on how to photograph Perseids

Just in from Victoria, the Lightroom Queen: “There were a couple of bugs discovered in the June Lightroom update. The new Develop preview pre-caching was a little overzealous and was causing performance problems, there was a print profile issue on Mac, and also a problem with DNG files from Fuji X-E2. As a result, last week Adobe released a double dot update – CC 2015.6.1 and 6.6.1. I’ve held off writing to tell you about it until now, to double check that it’s safe to upgrade. It’s good news – the bug report forum has been very quiet, and comments on the blog include “the system is now much faster in the Develop module!”

The long awaited Canon 5d Mark IV will be announced on August 27. Rumor has it at 28mp. But it will be expensive! Prices are really down on the Mark III and it is still a heck of a camera.

Fall Color. I plan to do some Fall Color day trips to Ouray and Kebler. More info as we get closer.

Just over a year now to the Great American Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017. The last time we had a total solar eclipse visible in American was Feb 26, 1979, and I was there! On the frozen tundra of North Dakota. This will be my fourth eclipse. Ouray last one was March of 2006 in Libya. We were set up just a mile from Muammar Qaddafi. Anyway, you do NOT want to miss the eclipse next year. Lots of info HERE.  I will probably put together a program later on how to best view and photograph such an event.


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Where The Action Is

Several items today.

Kochevar Exhibit

First, I just returned a really wonderful print exhibit by our friend Jeff Kochevar. By day, he is Grand Junction’s finest inkjet and giclee printer. But on his own time, he isalso an outstanding photographer.

The exhibit is at the Great Frame Up, next to Albertsons on the Redlands. On display are a variety of large canvas prints, triptychs and even a pentaptych. The exhibit runs thru November. Their phone is 970-242-7672

The Great Frame Up is also a great place to get your treasured art framed. They have done most of my art pieces for my new Blue Pig Gallery display. Also, Jeff is offering some wonderful 8×10 canvas wraps of your photos for just $12. Great holiday presents. He can do your holiday gift card printing as well.


Next, I wanted to share a cool action for creating a snow storm on your photo. The action is free and has a soft snow, as well as a blizzard. To check it out, visit this Website and scroll toward the bottom for the Snow Action. There are several others on the page, many of which are free. You will need some version of Photoshop CS to be able to use these actions.


I still have some cool photo items for sale:

  • Manfrotto 3021B Tripod with Acra Tech ball head. Very sturdy. The head alone is worth $270. Will sell outfit for $225
  • Lensbaby Composer. New, in box. I have one for Canon and one for Nikon. New are $250. I will sell for $175.
  • Canon 8×25 Image Stabilized Binoculars. These things are magical! Sell for $195
  • Canon 100mm Macro Lens f2.8 USM. Excellent condition. Extremely sharp. $475
  • Canon 50D camera. Excellent condition. 15 mp. 6.3 fps. Live View. Complete with 4 batteries and Really Right Stuff plate. $775


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As I talk to photographers and teach classes, I realize there is one big disconnect for a lot of folks. And that is making nice prints from your images. There are many reasons for this. If you don’t print regularly, you don’t really nail down the workflow and all the settings for Photoshop and your printer which can be confusing. There are all sorts of issues like paper profiles and color spaces not to mention calibrating your monitor. Inkjet printers can be a bit fickle too; they can clog from infrequent use and of course, the cost of the ink can take your breath away! And your printer may not be too happy working with thick cotton paper or even canvas. A few wasted sheets of expensive paper can really temper your enthusiasm.

None of the foregoing however should preclude you from sharing your favorite images as prints. An enlargement of your image is great for display on your own walls or as a gift. Fortunately Grand Junction is home to one of the areas’ top printing professionals, Jeff Kochevar. He can be found at the Great Frame Up, 2518 Broadway, next to Albertson’s. He has a 60 inch Canon professional printer which produces amazing output. You can bring your image to Jeff on a CD or thumbdrive and discuss how best to produce the print you want. Jeff is one of the sharpest guys around and was formerly the printing guru at 13 Photo and Frameworks Gallery.

He can print anything from a greeting card up to a 40×60 inch print on a variety of papers including canvas. My favorite are the Gallery Wrap frames. These are popular for several reasons. They cost quite a bit less than traditional framing and matting. They are very lightweight and easy to transport and hang. There is no glass so reflections are not a problem. They have a contemporary look and the wide edges create a “float” effect against the wall. The texture of the canvas adds a nice feeling to many subjects. Jeff coats the canvas with a UV protectant and then mounts it onto stretcher bars. He even has a cool way of manipulating the image so part of it does not get lost on the edge. I think the prices are very reasonable. Even though I have a large format printer myself, I often find myself just letting Jeff do it. You can visit his website at: http://kochevarphoto.com/ for more info and pricing.

As a special, for January only, if you mention this blog article, Jeff will give you 10% off his services.

And of course, Jan who owns the Great Frame up does wonderful framing of all sorts of items.

So find a few favorite images and go visit Jeff. Your living room walls will thank you!

Rainbow over Independence

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